Sunday, December 21, 2008

The extention(never again) i always say that.lol
Just a quick chat this time alot happening around this time of the year what with xmas and new year. For the past 10 weeks we have been extending our house so i can have a designated creating place and we are now closing in the space its beautiful overlooks the neighbours dam which is always full of birds so peaceful. So the business well thats at a standstill too as companies wind down for the break have sold lots on ebay which i was surprised at how much actually went. Anyway till next time have a very merry christmas and new year.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Well bear with me this is my first of many i hope posts. I'm new to all of this so follow my journey into a new business and new way of life for me. I have been selling on ebay for many years now and decided its about time to venture into the business world it will be a very bumpy ride but very exciting. As for what i make my mum does all the hand stitching because i cant sit still that long and she sends them to me and i make bags wallhangings quilt journals mug bags you name it. I LOVE CREATING thats where my passion lies. i hope within the next 6 months to have my pattern line up and running(scary). All for today natives are getting restless dinner time.