Wednesday, July 28, 2010

look whats piled on my desk mmmm where to start
finished some birthday keepers great way to remember all those birthdays $9.50 ea

lol like my sign.....until next time...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

new bags

Thought you would like some crafting news...... New pumpkin bags gorgeous colours i have made 9 of these lol...my sewing machine has been running hot.....they are available to purchase, and are $28 each....if you would like to see close up pics let me know....drop me a line if you are interested.....until next time......

Monday, July 19, 2010

look what i found

a couple of days ago i told you i had found something i have been wanting for ages and so .........
look what followed me home can i keep it please please please lol

1950 i believe dodge fargo ute

so hopefully in the next 12 months it will be restored and on the road coming to markets with me

me in the jalopy it needs a name......mmmm open to suggestions

look what followed me home

what do you do when your 20yr old wants to come home
you bring in a transportable ( so they arent in the house) lol

only just fit through the gate ooooo

coming down the road............

Handmade Expo pics

the girls
Bern & Clay Giggles crew

flat out

Gorgeous broms

Laras cupcakes yummmmmm

Saturday, July 17, 2010

another expo down

Well what a day we met awesome people yet again.....we were flat out as soon as the sun was up it was freezing before that i had 6 layers on lol, but i love the cold so didnt matter cant stand the summer heat.....i know where i will be this week sewing sewing sewing people loved the bags this market they were flying out the stall.....we ate too much as usual cupcakes wood fired pizza mmm oh and fudge, was great to catch up with our neighbouring stall holders too (you know who you are) lol you always put smiles on our faces....well i am off today to pick up something i have wanted and been looking for, for ages and have finally found one ......more on that tomorrow will have lots of photos from yesterday as well as the big reveal lol.......so until next time......

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We will be at the Handmade expo this saturday again look forward to seeing all our regulars and meeting lots of new people as well come by and say hi..........Remember its on from 8am till 2pm........until next time.......

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Something abit different today i am going to make this i have been searching for something to do with an old bed frame that i have, look what i found mine is so like this one im excited will post a pic of the finished product.....wish me luck.....tutorial found here....until next time

Friday, July 9, 2010

carnarvon 2

Promised more photos so here goes....this is the amphitheatre wow.....we walked 10klms to get there then had to climb up the ladders on the outside of the wall mmm...a big challenge for me as i dont like hanging off the sides of things....but
up i went mmm....and hidden on the inside is a 60m deep chamber awesome....

well worth the effort unreal

but then i had to get down my knees were knocking and Mr woolshed creek thought it would be funny to take pics of me coming down with my mother in law because she was just as bad lol....evidence i did it....

but it was fantastic i was so impressed with myself that i pushed through my fear to have a go.....until next time....

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

im back....what a week....it was fantastic it was just awesome i cant say enough about this beautiful piece of paradise....we stayed for 4 nights, we walked 35klms on the tracks.....900+ steps on one track....its was freezing(lovely)......took us 9hours to get there.....but well worth it......will leave you with a couple of pics with alot more to follow lol.....until next time