Friday, April 30, 2010

yesterday was a beautiful day....i decided it was too nice to stay inside sewing all day so when i finished barney and beatrice(bears) the latest little fellas to be whipped up i thought mmm photo outside so here they are sitting on my garden bridge and the other one is me watching the world go by......lol......cant do it forever back to the work cave.......lol until next time......ps the bears are $28ea

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

wow what a week my computer has been out some how a virus got through all my antivirus software beats me how it happens but oh well took me a whole week to fix it....but hey i have been very lucky its been six years since the last one....on to better things i have been experimenting with different things this week i am loving working with cardboard and paper pics to come when they have been fine tuned....out in the garden too in the lovely sunshine always enjoy my time out there trouble is there isnt enough time in the day to get all the things done i would like to......leave you with a couple of snaps from the garden....until next time........

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just went into Handmade Heaven to restock always lovely to see Liesas smiling face and have a good old laugh....make sure you head over to her blog she has posted some wonderful photos of our items....(thank you Liesa) also if you are in the ipswich area go and visit the top end of town 'the old flour mill' make sure you drop in and say hi to her and check out her beautifully laid out shop with massive amounts of handmade goodness(i love seeing what everyone creates) also in the arcade is a gorgeous collectable shop as well as the cupcake shop i think its a great little outing 3 of my favourite type of shops.....oh well back to creating....until next time

Monday, April 19, 2010

thought i would pop in and let you know some new items are up on ebay, user id is 'handmadeatwoolshedcreek' well im off back to the sewing machine lol......until next time......

Saturday, April 17, 2010

more pics from the stall on expo day.....the ones below is 'the girls' these guys work hard to bring the expo to everyone every months woohoo good on you girls

Oh my goodness what a week......im glad its sunday might be able to sit for 5 minutes......soooooooooooooo the handmade expo was yesterday wow.......always amazes me the lovely people its more of a social occasion for us we laugh and chat all day.......the weather was fantastic someone told me it was going to rain mmmm......i took a couple of boxes of ufos one offs that had been hanging around for ages marked them at 50% off not much left at the end i needed the space so i have decided to clear out again for next expo....all those one off bits and pieces...even some of those quilt tops that never seem to get finished email me if you are interested they may go to new homes before the expo lol.....oh well im going to sit and have a coffee and do nothing for 5 minutes......mmm the car needs unloading washing mmmmm dont think its going to happen.....until next time....

Monday, April 12, 2010

ok so not quite back on my feet but getting there....have been busy creating again i have sooooo much to catch up on....i will upload photos tomorrow...chooks are the theme at the moment i was asked to make chooks sooooo.....there are chook swags, chooks in pots and wallhangings all very cute even if i say so myself will promise to post pics tomorrow....until then.....

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

got the lurgy....yuk yuk yuk....of late i seem to get every sickness going around...i just dont like it interferes with creating time....so not much creating has been going on around my place.....have been doing a bit of gardening instead......until next time......

Friday, April 2, 2010

Woo hoo its getting colder winter is nearly here my favourite time of the year ....scarves boots beanies coats woo hoo......

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hey our friends in blog land we hope you have a lovely break over easter dont eat too much chocolate lol....have a restful few days......until next time