Friday, May 7, 2010

im back......havent fallen off the face of the earth (nearly did ) guess who bit the bullet and bought a treadmill mmmm i can hear you all now crazy woman in her 40s lol.......i saw this on special and bought one, i have changed the way i eat and have gone as far as i can with out extra excercise mind you i have gone down 3 pant sizes (i dont weight myself) so to me thats great so far BUT i need to push it abit more so i started yesterday and let me tell you i am finding it soooooooooo difficult....but i am not going to stop until i achieve what i want to...i get on for 20mins i do 1.8 klms so its a start... one can only hope it helps....enough about that....handmade expo next week end have lots of new bits and pieces finished for it as well as i am having a 50% table of odds and ends so come and say hi to us and make sure you go look at the girls blog to see what they have planned.....until next time.....

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