Saturday, November 20, 2010

november expo done and dusted woohoooooo

Wow what a day we were more prepared for the wind which wasnt as bad as last month but we hung in there for the entire day woohoo.....funny thing happened on the way to the expo this month was driving along i think it was about 4:15 in the morning and i came to a screeching stop moved to the side of the road rubbing my eyes not believing what i was seeing(mmmm) got out of the car with one of our table cloths ready to rescue what was sitting in the middle of the road im thinking how am i going to pick this up and drive mmmm so i inch closer saying its alright you will be ok got closer thinking oh you poor little koala sitting there on the road so i bend to pick it up and to my disgust it was not a koala but a mmmm.......
brown paper macdonalds take away bag i know you are all rolling around laughing your backsides off....dont worry Lara did too....time to get the eyes checked and drink more coffee b4 i leave home....mmm thought id share.....


  1. hehehe! I definitely think more coffee was needed! So good to see you yesterday! Thanks for my little prize, love it!

  2. I can easily believe that - at 4.15am I am not surprised that your mind is thinking all sorts of stange things. But I am glad it wasn't an injured animal - that could have become a major diversion to your market activities. I am really keen to check out these markets - sometime next year - after summer!!

  3. perhaps mc donalds are doing a paper mache koala now with there meals